我是一个MBA,曾经任职财富五百大公司的物流经理,历任香港上市公司/美国上市公司/新加坡上市公司的部门经理。做好面对任何事情的准备。为了替我老母亲复仇,为了我心爱的儿子能有成长的自由和尊严,为了我自己的尊严和自由,我愿意面对任何可能发生的事情。如果我坐牢了,或者死了,我的良心就可以平静了。所以我买了六十万的人寿保险,足以让我儿子成长和自立了。 I am an MBA. I was a logistics manager in a Fortune 500 company,and also in a Hong Kong public-listed company. I am ready to faceany kind of things. To revenge for my mother, for thegrowing-freely of my son and for dignity, I am ready for anythingthat might happen. If I am put to jail or death, that will give thepease to my heart. I am insured for 600 thousand. That will beenough for my son to live on till he grow up



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